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English Fabric and Dugdale Bros

It feels only right to focus on the brilliant fabric we make here in England and one of the most prestigious and historical companies that we have producing it.

We don’t have a lot of manufacturing to be proud of in the UK anymore, but in fabric we do. Quite simply, Britain produces the best fabric in the world.

In Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, the manufacture of fine cloth is, a family tradition passed down from father to son over many generations. The highly skilled workforce knows all there is to know about turning the raw wool fibre into the beautiful fabrics worn by the famous and the style-conscious. Many of the manufacturing processes have changed little over the last 100 years. They are rigorous and always time consuming with the resultant material being of the highest quality. Nothing short of perfection is allowed to bear the company name.

Huddersfield, renowned for the world’s finest Worsted wool fabrics, now produces cloths that are lighter and more luxurious. Huddersfield has proved time and time again that it can more than match the Italians, producing everything from traditional Worsted to the ‘Renaissance’ range of Super 160’s and Cashmere. These fabrics are truly fantastic. And it is Dugdale Bros. who are leading this British invasion.

Dugdale Bros. is a company steeped in history that was founded in 1859 by Henry Percy and Frederick Herbert Dugdale. Using skilled designers, weavers and finishers, word quickly spread across Europe and the Americas, and the demand for Dugdale cloth exploded. Today, Dugdale and its associated brands are held in high regard throughout the tailoring world, not only for their fabrics but also for their immense knowledge and history. Dugdale Bros has its roots firmly in West Yorkshire. The main office, weavers and finishing factory are all still in the region employing many local people. Producing the finest fabrics is a true craft and all Dugdale cloths reflect this skill and expertise.

The next time you are looking for a suit, ask to see our range of Dugdale English woven, English finished fabrics - we will take great pride in showing them.


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