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Tailoring - Made to Measure.

Select from a vast range of fabrics woven by some of the world’s best cloth merchants i.e. Dugdale, Scabal, Loro Piana and Barberis, to name a few.

From Wool Worsteds, Super Wools and Tweeds through to Silks, Cottons and Linens, the choice is immense. Whether it be for business, a wedding, black tie, corporate or just social, the garments are constructed to a high standard normally associated with some of London’s top names in retail clothing, even Savile Row.

Style is optional. Classic business suits, the 'dandy' look of the 60/70's, very popular at the moment, the body hugging look of today or just a tuxedo. Tweed is extremely sought after with an array of fantastic colours and designs. These are all accompanied by an extensive variety of coloured linings, both plain and patterned. Great attention is also given to personalised detailing, not always available 'off the peg'.

Fit is of paramount importance. Accumulating all these features together results in a suit that is unique/personal and will not be seen anywhere.


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